Our Resources

GOOD NEWS is conveniently located in a safe and quiet street, near the heart of the historic area of Salta, which means you are never more than a short walk away from the city’s major attractions. 

We occupy a comfortable building that has recently been refurbished to provide all the services needed for the most up-to-date language teaching. There are 12 classrooms with DVD and audio facilities; we also have a library, a multimedia room, a café where students can relax, listen to music or watch a DVD before or after class hours at no extra cost. There is also a camera with which teachers can record their students and make their own films. Our new interactive whiteboard has become a regular feature in most of our classes. Together with our Facebook and Twitter pages and Wi-Fi facilities, we do try to take advantage of new technology to motivate our students. News is regularly published on our pages or the Led at the entrance of our building (digital signage).

Effective Learning Programmes

Our dynamic style of teaching combined with the most modern materials and methods will enable you to maximize your learning experience. In the belief that there is no such thing as one textbook for all, GOOD NEWS has an excellent range of the very latest resource books and teaching materials at its disposal. This allows teachers to select materials that are appropriate to the level and needs of their students.

Our DVD and audio facilities help us to set the language in an authentic context and provide a useful starting point for oral practice, group discussion activities and written work. Students can also take advantage of a wide range of recorded, written and CD Rom-based material and exercises designed to supplement and consolidate work done in class. All lessons are based on the premise that clear aims and hard work yield the best results. The essential features of our sessions are:

Transparent objectives, clearly identified at the beginning of each lesson

Interaction between teacher-student and student-student

Focus on key language skills and language learning strategies

A pace calculated to challenge the learner at all times

Appropriate time limits set for each activity

Feedback on progress achieved at the end of lessons